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Companies and agencies that take bookings and/or payments for shows, flights, hotels, holidays and even goods, need people on the other end of the line to respond to enquiries and orders, whether it be over the telephone or online. Many travel and entertainment booking agencies have their own remote workers, who through InverOak’s portal answer calls, book tickets and take credit card payments, without attending a central office. For companies who don’t have access to remote workers, InverOak has a team of dedicated and experienced telephone sales personnel available night and day.

Web-based booking agency

InverOak provide this platform for one ticket agency’s remote workers to deliver such a service from their home. All calls made to the agency, either from a landline, mobile phone or via the Internet, are delivered to client-specific servers at InverOak’s control centre in Docklands, London. From these servers, which are protected by a full disaster recovery service, all calls are greeted, giving the caller pre-recorded automated choices.

For example: Callers can choose to discuss their requirements in a number of languages, choose from several areas ie. holidays, flights, car hire, theatre bookings and even gifts, and whether they are a business or personal customer. Each call is then directed to a relevant remote worker, who manages the call accordingly.

The company has different telephone numbers for different areas of the business, ie. flight only requests are flagged by the number rung and are differentiated from charter holidays etc. Calls are directed based on the selection of the caller to the appropriate team, and the InverOak stats. The system tracks and evaluates these selections.

Everything is controlled and monitored by InverOak’s platform, and calls are recorded for training purposes, as well a back-up to rectify any customer complaints. Central reporting of all calls giving call duration, caller’s number, details of the remote worker who took the call, and the result ie. a booking, deposits and payments (including which credit card was used), and a record of each customer’s purchases, are all automatically condensed into a range of bespoke on-line reports for the management team to inspect any time, night or day, through a secure web-based connection. Automatic email confirmations can also be triggered, confirming the booking and any add-ons.

The system is integrated into the company’s ticketing and accounting packages, giving a true company-wide view of what is happening, turnover and profit margins. The benefits of not having to pay rents for high street premises and office space for back-office staff, and the savings and flexibility of remote workers, particularly in this case, where 24 hour phone manning is required, are obvious savings, however the best and biggest savings are in utilising InverOak’s platform and expertise without the need for heavy investment in owning hardware themselves, and the added benefits reaped from the continual research and development undertaken by InverOak to improve the range and depth of services available.

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