New Service: Customer Auto Recognition

We are pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new upgrade to the Gateway, which not only makes the booking process even more user friendly but also increases the levels of customer care.

Our engineers have developed the system, giving it the ability to automatically recognize who is calling in to reception and load up the relevant account details in time for the receptionist to greet them personally. This also helps to ensure the accuracy of your customers’ personal contact details.

This will not only reduce the booking time, but will give the receptionists some vital information including; most common purchase type, extra minutes usage and purchase history. This data will enable your reception team to help the customer select the best price package for them.

Whether you are one of our existing customers, or someone new, call us today to have a FREE review on how we can improve your current system!

2016-08-10T13:27:13+00:00This page was updated on 10th August 2016.

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