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12th August 2014
Lets be honest, getting a foot in the psychic market is hard enough without having to worry about all the technical stuff! Whether you have your own readers and receptionists-or are looking to develop your own business with no staff, InverOak’s psychic turnkey and bespoke solutions are ideal to get you started.
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7th August 2014 2016-08-10T13:29:04+00:00
Improving sales and maintaining consumer relations is hard enough without having to struggle through mountains of customer and sales data. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps ease the burden of this challenge by creating a more efficient, organized approach to marketing‚ sales leads‚ and numerous other opportunities for growth.
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20th July 2014 2016-08-10T13:32:09+00:00
For the past 30 years, IVR systems have proved a necessary tool to streamline communication for businesses and their consumers. In fact, so much so that it is difficult to find a business or organisation that doesn’t use IVR! So what is it about IVR systems that has made them so popular?
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16th July 2014 2016-08-10T14:11:06+00:00
IVR (Interactive Voice Response) can vary in their complexity and uses, but essentially all IVR systems operate in the same way. One of the most common uses for IVR systems is to accurately route calls within an organization. In the past, businesses would have to hire a receptionist to answer and route incoming calls. Most…
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1st July 2014 2016-08-10T13:34:55+00:00
Outsourced web hosting support should not be treated simply as a ‘one size fits all’ solution as wants and needs vary from business to business. Are you searching for a provider to host your web needs? If your web host provider isn’t working closely with you to determine what the right mix of managed hosting…
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23rd June 2014 2016-08-10T13:38:42+00:00
Searching for the right credit card processor for you can be hard enough as it is without all the technical jargon! Which is why we have outlined a few of the terms you may need to know!
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16th June 2014 2016-08-10T13:42:13+00:00
Are you looking to take credit card transactions online? Then the first step you have to take is to obtain a merchant account, however this is often easier said than done! But there are several things that you can do to make the process just that little bit easier!
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9th June 2014 2016-08-10T13:43:23+00:00
If you are taking, or planning on taking credit card transactions via your website then Merchant Accounts are required by law. However gaining approval for a Merchant Account of your own can be a strenuous and long winded process. So if its required by law-why can it be so difficult to obtain one?
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2nd June 2014 2016-08-10T13:46:02+00:00
Whenever a credit card is processed, information from the customers credit card needs to be sent somewhere to validate whether or not the customer sufficient funds to pay for the sale. For example, common retailers use a POS (point of sale) machine which simply takes the credit card holder’s data, formats it and sends it to…
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26th May 2014 2019-05-30T08:31:53+00:00
Getting a merchant account should be an easy process-after all they’re going to make money every time you process a transaction. However for many it can be a difficult and long winded process- so how do you obtain a merchant account? And what do you do if you are declined? Find out in our latest…
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