The Carphone Warehouse: Mobile Phone Tracking

Parents keen to know the location of their children, and businesses seeking to ensure safety of lone workers have since 2004, been able to purchase a mobile phone tracking service, designed and implemented by InverOak, in conjunction with Cybit for The Carphone Warehouse.

Mobile phone tracking

The Carphone Warehouse, Europe’s leading independent retailer of mobile phones and services, asked InverOak to design a system that tracks the location of any mobile phone in the UK, and provide information of its location via text on the phone or the Internet. The InverOak solution uses a complex web interfaced system that provides constant tracking of a mobile phone and is reliable and resilient. It utilises triangulation mapping of mobile phone masts to identify the physical location of the assigned mobile phone, providing information on the postcode area and the street name of the tracked mobile.

Parents, friends and businesses utilise tracking

The mobile phone could be your own (very useful for the more forgetful of us), your childrens’, or the mobile of a relative, friend or work colleague. Parents who want the reassurance of knowing where their children are, can check that they are where they are meant to be ie. at school, after school clubs or at a friend’s house. The system is extremely useful for helping companies with the security of personnel working in the field, and for tracking customer deliveries.

Businesses with engineers, maintenance teams and sales staff working away from the office can learn the location of each staff member without interrupting their work. As well as checking staff are where they say they are and ensuring their safety, the system also allows project managers to assign tasks to staff by nearest location, and keep track of deliveries allowing them to provide enhanced customer service with an on-line order tracking system.

Strict rules of use apply

For parents with children under the age of 18, consent for the tracking service is not required, however to ensure privacy and reduce misuse, the system usually requires consent to be gained before it can be applied. The service provider and ‘tracker’ have to agree to abide by the strict rules under the Data Protection Act ie. informing of the purpose for which data will be used and storage of said information. For example, employers providing their staff with mobile phones do not need to gain consent from their employees to use the system, however a private user ie. husband/wife has to give consent for their phone to be tracked.

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