GVA Grimley: Disaster Recovery

Specialist commercial property company, GVA Grimley, use InverOak to supply an Internal Incident Information Line, a critical part of the company’s Disaster Recovery procedure, at Euston Plaza Complex which includes London’s Euston Station.

Disaster recovery

Whilst searching for a company with a proven record that could fulfil their need to implement a wide-spread communication system to automatically contact employees, suppliers and emergency services, GVA Grimley were relieved when they found InverOak.

It was a great relief when we contacted InverOak because, not only did they immediately understand our needs, but they were also able to set the service up for us within 48 hours. Our only regret is that we did not find them a little earlier as it would have saved GVA a considerable amount of effort.

Sean Doherty National Communications Manager, GVA Grimley

As a multi-national company with a real-estate portfolio of 3,500 properties covering 150 million square feet of commercial space, across 120 markets, GVA Grimley needed a robust, fail-proof system for this central site, that would automatically contact a wide range of facilities, from emergency services, security to cleaning, lift maintenance and even air conditioning engineers, for a number of emergency situations. Any member of the ‘disaster recovery team’ at the Euston Plaza complex can now make one phone call, text or email to a single contact, key in their personal coded pin and the category/type of problem ie. fire, flood, bomb alert or a problematic lift, and within seconds the InverOak system will contact the relevant services, ie. emergency services, maintenance crews, security and the management team.

For example, should a fire erupt, the alarm has been raised or a message/call has been received, the fire brigade, police and ambulance service will be contacted automatically, as will the team in charge of the building so that personnel can be guided away from the hazardous area and ensure entry to the building is closed to all but the emergency services. The system will, at the same time, contact the relevant insurance broker, maintenance teams and managerial team to inform of the incident and keep them updated.

The system automatically tracks all contact to the ‘key contact team’, and should the message not reach a member of the team or a person fails to respond, the system tracks and continues to contact individuals until a response has been gained. An obvious benefit to this is to determine who and how many are dealing with the situation, their location and the action being taken. Once the incident has passed and if the individual concerned has no explanation, then there may be a need to evaluate reaction and determine accountability.

The GVA system uses a complex web interfaced system with integrated SMS, mobile and land line contact that is accessed by specified members of the GVA team at the Euston Station site.

Supply chain management: an application

This same system is transferable to a whole raft of business applications.

Another example is within the freight industry where delayed delivery of goods can have a huge impact for a company and its customers. Suppliers and carriers of perishable goods, benefit greatly from the tracking and co-ordination properties of this service, ie. should a truck with a consignment of fresh perishable goods break down en-route, the driver can send a coded text message to the InverOak system. This automatically implements an agreed set of tasks, such as contacting the insurance broker to start the claim process, the truck owner will be contacted to instigate vehicle collection/repairs, the owner of the consignment will be informed his anticipated delivery will be either delayed or not be met allowing a decision to be made about special offers, whilst the distributor will be informed to allow the despatch of a replacement load, if appropriate.

Whether the load is transported by road, rail, sea or air, the system can be used by the whole supply chain to ensure everyone is kept informed of developments and the efforts being made to overcome the problem.

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