Mediacom: Calling Cards

One of the world’s largest calling card resellers, Mediacom Global use InverOak’s unique routes and billing tariff structure to provide calling cards to people across the world.

Mediacom Global use InverOak to provide the backbone to their calling card system using bespoke branded calling cards and GSM gateways to transmit calls across the globe.

InverOak’s unique and exclusive GSM VOIP gateway bypasses international cellular networks to greatly reduce cost and improve service, ensuring high quality sound and call continuity. The system incorporates a ‘mobile exchange’ that converts mobile phone calls into GSM calls and then into data packets which are transferred to the Internet where they are delivered to an IP address, which converts the data packet back again and forwards the call to its chosen destination. The speed at which this occurs is very quick and provides a high clarity of sound and non-interrupted continuity, even in countries where the power supply is sporadic.

Clients such as Mediacom Global gain excellent rates to achieve healthy margins, through use of creative billing such as call connection and termination charges, daily maintenance charges, short minutes, breakage, forced disconnections and the setting of a validity date or expiry period.

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