Michele Knight: Psychic Services

Top psychic and best-selling author Michele Knight, uses a plethora of InverOak services as the backbone to her psychic services business empire.

Psychic Services & Horoscope Readings

As one of the UK’s leading psychic’s Michele has a celebrity backing including famous names such as Russell Brand, Sharon Osbourne, Leona Lewis, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and Melinda Messenger.

Michele has featured on many TV shows including ITV’s This Morning, Celebrity X Factor Xtra and Eggheads, as well as being a regular contributor and commentator on Talk Radio and Radio 5 Live.

Michele is passionate about her work and through a high profile and an extensive and interactive suite of websites attracts a massive following, making her a household name. To maximise on this, Michele has, since 2004 used InverOak’s extensive range of services to build her company into a diverse and successful business. In fact, since employing InverOak’s services, her turnover has increased ten-fold.

Michele advertises her extensive range of psychic services in a variety of womens’ interest magazines and she is the astrologer for 19 magazines, all of which link to her interactive websites, encouraging the reader/visitor to ring for either a pre-paid (via credit card) personal reading or obtain a reading through Michele’s premium rate number.

Premium rate numbers

For customers who do not want to pay by credit card, a dedicated premium rate line, where the revenue is generated via the call time, allows callers to gain a live reading. The call is answered by an automated service which prompts the caller to make decisions such as which reader they want to speak with, and once the relevant options have been selected, the caller is connected direct to their chosen reader. The call is tracked, monitored and recorded from the pick-up until the caller terminates the call.

Non-premium rate numbers with credit card payments

Michele’s non-premium rate calls are greeted by a live reception service where bookings for readings and credit card payments are made prior to the caller being patched through to an available reader through a three-way call. Customers have the option of booking a call in advance should they wish to speak with a favourite reader who is currently unavailable. As with the premium rate call, the call is tracked, monitored and recorded from the receptionist’s pick-up until the caller terminates the call. Should the call exceed the booked length of time, the system automatically bills the caller for any additional minutes.

SMS for those on the move

Psychic readings by text. This service allows those on the move to receive their own bespoke psychic reading via text on their mobile phone. The client sends their question to a specific text code, which is then answered by one of several of Michele’s dedicated live SMS operators. Revenue is achieved by charging a set fee for each text received and is used by other businesses for when an answer or advice is required by customers quickly.

Thorough billing reports

All call traffic, whether generated from a land line, mobile or through the Internet arrives at, is transmitted on and connected through InverOak’s wholly owned service platform, which logs who is calling, when the call was made, how many times individual callers call, how long they are on the line and how much was spent, as well as which readers they speak with. This information is available in various bespoke report formats to Michele ‘live’ and on-line any time of the night or day, to allow her to monitor her business, and to create dedicated marketing initiatives for specific target audiences. For example, a birthday card can be sent to callers, special offers can be made on specific dates and to lapsed callers. All this helps to increase repeat business and ensure customer satisfaction.

InverOak’s services allowed Michele to increase her business ten-fold.

Roger Bigwood at InverOak explains “Michele started using our services in 2004 and we immediately looked to increase her sales through using the best technical tools available at the time. We continue to update Michele’s campaign, incorporating the latest technology, giving a more efficient service and increased revenue streams and adding more tools. She now has a strong website presence and one of the many initiatives we have been involved in, is towards web integration, to make the site interactive to push feeds quickly and efficiently, to optimise income.”

Michele commented “InverOak are the very best in their field. Since starting with InverOak my turnover has increased literally tenfold. I owe much of my success to Roger Bigwood and his excellent, innovative team. They have zero competition in this industry as they are always creating new features and lead the pack in all areas. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. Not only are they brilliant they are also charming, patient and always available if you have a problem.”

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