MNI SA: Polish Elections

A massive country-wide phone elections broadcasting campaign to lobby 12 million Polish voters was designed and implemented by InverOak.

Political lobby by phone broadcast

InverOak was contracted to design and implement a complex automated lobbying service for the Polish Parliamentary and Presidential elections in the autumn of 2005 by the Polish telecom company MNI SA, a licensed Polish multimedia group that develops telecoms services in central and eastern Poland.

MNI SA was asked by the main opposition party to provide an automated phone service to lobby for votes from the Polish population and members of the Polish Parliament. With limited experience in this area and none for a contract of this massive size, MNI SA turned to InverOak for help. InverOak quickly understood the needs of MNI and created an automated phone broadcasting service that would allow the company to contact all the members of the Polish Parliament and, as many of the 12 million Polish electorate as possible within just three weeks. The purpose of the campaign was to raise awareness of the leading opposition party by broadcasting their manifesto in an effort to gain endorsements from Parliamentary members and obtain votes from the population in the forthcoming elections.

One of the many cost-effective ideas from InverOak was to send the calls from the UK to Poland, which was much cheaper than making the broadcast calls from within Poland. This money-saving feature, together with InverOak’s ability to deliver the phone campaign within a short time frame, won them the important contract.

The campaign included dialling land lines which played a pre-recorded voice message broadcasting the party’s main points. Utilising the InverOak platform in the UK, calls were made to a huge data-base (provided by MNI SA) of people located across Poland, between 17.30 and 20.30 every evening for three weeks. The timing was crucial as the majority of people would be home between these hours, having returned home from work and before leaving for a night out. Each call was carefully tracked until the call was picked up by the recipient. A ‘no answer’ would automatically generate three separate timed re-dials to the same number in an effort to ensure the message was received by the highest number of people on the Polish database.

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