Competition Services

From radio listener phone in competitions to ITV’s X-Factor, customer competitions attract huge participation and revenues. These services are also successfully used for smaller audiences, and at InverOak we create and host many competition and voting forums to help grow your business.

Competition Sevices: Helping you interact with your customers

Organisations that utilise InverOak’s competition services experience numerous benefits:

  1. Generate revenue
  2. Improve customer engagement
  3. Improve coustomer loyalty
  4. Gather data for future marketing campaigns
  5. Gain consumer insight

Grow sales and customer loyalty

InverOak’s competition services offer an effective, modern method of interaction between you and your customers that is straightforward, fun and entertaining; which not only increases customer loyalty, but can also generate significant revenue for you.

Custom built

We offer a range of competition and voting services that can be specifically tailored to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to use IVR, Premium rates, SMS or voice short codes, we offer these platforms and many more to help your company effectively move forward with ease.


We understand that consumer loyalty and trust is a foundational pillar in any business, which is why we can guarantee that all of the competition services we offer are simple to use, but most importantly, fully compliant with relevant legislation and industry regulations, giving your customers the comfort of knowing they’re in good hands.

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