Freephone 0800

Also known as toll free or 0800 numbers, free phone numbers cost your customer nothing to call and will dramatically increase the number of calls made to your company from customers and increase sales.

Generate 3x more business

  • Freephone numbers are predominantly used in sales and marketing as a way to utilise a non geographical number into broadening your customer base by making you present a UK wide presence, rather than just a local one.
  • Freephone numbers are popularly used for information lines so that customers aren’t put off by a costly charge. InverOak’s vast range of non geographical numbers can give you various platforms to market yourself effectively and increase sales.

What are the benefits of a freephone number?

Adopting a 0800 number into your business can have numerous long term benefits:

  1. Generate 3x more callsBusinesses with 0800 numbers can generate 3 times more calls than those with a standard regional number.
  2. Increase customer loyaltyCustomers will call you more frequently, endearing greater customer loyalty.
  3. More reliable & efficientFreephone numbers make you appear more reliable and efficient
  4. Increase customer numbersFreephone numbers make you appear more reliable and efficient.
  5. Increases the effectiveness of advertising campaignsIncreases the effectiveness of advertising campaigns (over 50% of numbers in advertisements are a free phone).
  6. Quick and easy to implement
  7. Strong national presence
  8. Increased business enquiriesIncreased business enquiries, with no cost, the customer has nothing to lose by calling, and thus more likely to call you.
  9. Low cost to youThe cost to implement and overall long term cost is very low and more customers will call your business.

How do freephone numbers work?

Your 0800 number simply routes your customers call directly to your current office or landline number, which remains unchanged, at no cost to them. Simple!

0800 numbers provide a foundation of national identity that can increase sales and customer satisfaction. If you would like to find out more why not get in touch today and call us on 0203 011 0299!

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