PCI Credit Card Processing

PCI credit card processing solutions such as agent assisted automation allow your operator to collect credit card information without ever seeing or hearing it. Once the system has been easily integrated‚ it reduces the need for a vast number of PCI DSS requirements and expensive fraud prevention because sensitive card data is no longer processed within your network.

How does InverOak’s PCI credit card processing solution work?

  1. Customer asked to enter card detailsAt the point that the customer is ready to make a transaction they will be asked by your operator to enter their card details using their telephone keypad.
  2. Progress is shownWhen your customer enters the credit card number, expiry date and security code‚ asterisks are all that appears on your operators screen to show the progress of the caller’s keypad entry.
  3. DTMF is not transmittedDTMF is not transmitted through to the operator at any point‚ which means that any recording systems will not be able to pick up any DTMF signals of your customer sensitive card information.
  4. InverOak’s hosted network instantly encrypts received dataOur hosted network instantly encrypts the received data, and securely transmits the payment to your chosen payment provider. The system doesn’t retain any sensitive credit card data within the network.

What are the benefits of PCI Credit Card Processing?

  1. Decreased risk of security breaches
  2. Peace of mind for you and your customers
  3. Boost in customer confidence
  4. Avoid costly fines
  5. Relatively quick and easy

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