Premium Rate

Premium rate numbers allow you to earn money from every telephone call you receive by charging the caller for time spent on your phone line. The revenue generating possibilities of charging callers for picking up the phone and dialling your number has made premium rate numbers an appealing vehicle to generate revenue. The scope of applications is almost limitless, covering the entertainment, media, corporate and commercial markets.

What are premium rate numbers?

Premium rate numbers provide a simple yet profound way of generating an additional revenue stream to your business. A premium rate number is type of non geographical number, used by businesses when they wish for their inbound calls to be charge at a higher rate, than that of normal numbers as an effective way to increase your income. Premium rate services can host a range of purposes and are best utilised in:

  • Customer services
  • Technical support
  • Psychics & horoscope readings
  • Competitions & voting
  • Charities
  • Adult services

Live 121 lines

Many premium rate services include ‘live operators’ where callers engage in conversation with trained operatives. Popular and widespread revenue generators include psychic/tarot lines where individuals’ horoscopes and psychic readings are relayed on a one-to-one basis to callers.

090 premium rate numbers

We offer international domestic (country specific) premium rate numbers, as well as foreign SMS codes and international freephone, in addition to UK numbers.

What are the benefits of premium rate numbers?

  1. Increase revenueYou can increase your revenue significantly with a premium rate number.
  2. Offset your running costsThe revenue generated with premium rate numbers will help claw back running call costs along with others expenses your business incurs.
  3. Variety of tariffsYou choose exactly what you want to charge your customers, allowing you to choose a tariff that works for you
  4. Can fit into any system you may already haveInverOak’s bespoke software package can fit easily into any existing system your company currently has.

How do they work?

The exact process of how premium rates work depends upon what services you are running but the revenue procedure is the same for each application.

Customers wishing to use your service ring you premium rate number and are charged the premium rate number cost.

Depending on the type of service you wish to run you can choose from a range of tariffs from two number types. The most common premium rate number type is the pence per minute number (ppm). Call revenues are paid per minute, or part thereof. The second type is a pence per call (ppc) number.

Non-geographic numbers

Non geographic numbers are employed by various companies as a way to market themselves, as well as broadening their customer base and generate revenue. With multiple tariffs to choose from, you can choose the exact package that is best suited for you! Whether you are looking for another way to earn money or just a way simple way to attract more customers with a freephone number, we can help you.

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