Psychic Services

At InverOak we have helped psychic organisations throughout the world to save time and money, increase revenue, and build lasting customer relationships through use of our vast array of services.

Are you a psychic or astrology company looking for a psychic service provider? Well, look no further. We have been providing our innovative services to some of the market leading psychics in the industry for decades, including:

  • Michele Knight
  • Mystic Meg
  • Justin Toper
  • Russell Grant
  • Crystal Clear
  • Nirvana Light
When it comes to providing psychic services, InverOak are experts.

At InverOak we specialise in the provision of many of the elements that make up today’s vast array of psychic services that are on the market. From the simple to the complex, over many years we have developed and refined services that have been tried, tested, and found successful in a busy and competitive industry.

We combine the latest technology with reliable yet versatile payment options to furnish you with an offering that will appeal to a broad range of clients. With a high level of control and reporting you can monitor and manage your business effectively, giving both you and your business the ultimate psychic offering.

Regardless of what you already have in place, InverOak will be happy to build upon what you have and fill in any gaps! You may have your own telephone operators and merchant bank account but just need tools to assist you in managing what’s already up and running, or perhaps you’re looking for a fully managed service; either way, InverOak’s array of solutions provide the perfect way to get your business heading in the right direction.

So how can InverOak help your psychic services?

We enjoy pushing the boundaries and finding new ways to help you stay ahead of the competition. Each of our bespoke services can be tailor-made to meet your needs, and include the following:

  • Reader Support
  • Operator Management
  • Receptionist Support
  • PCI compliant Payment Solutions (for online and telephone transactions)
  • SMS Support
  • Premium Rate Services
  • IVR Solutions
  • Webcam and Webchat Readings
  • CRM tools

Whether you have been in the psychic industry for years or are new to the psychic market, InverOak can provide everything that you need to get going. Why not get in touch and find out a little more?

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