How We Use Our Technology

As a licensed operator, we have our own dedicated racks of technology including switches and hosted IVR systems located in London’s premier datacentre, Telehouse Europe: a secure site in London’s Docklands, an area widely known and respected as a secure and neutral centre for data centres. The central site and locality of telecom network partners, such as Cable & Wireless and Kingston, mean our customers gain from a wide choice of interconnection options.

IVR systems & IVR solutions

We own and manage all our own switches and IVR systems which means, unlike many other providers, we have control and do not rely on a third party to service, maintain or repair our equipment.

The InverOak switch room consists of IVR switches featuring more than 2,500 channels over E1 connections, from a long and reputable list of industry-leading networks such as Cable & Wireless, Kingston, Redstone, BT and Verizon. Our systems also interface over IP via VoIP gateways. We own and operate internationally poised GSM VoIP gateways to terminate traffic in and out of difficult-to-reach locations, cheaply.

Our voice systems use a variety of Aculab and Pika cards which sit on a backbone of SQL database services. In addition to this, we operate web and streaming services, as well as Flash servers for the best webcam and IM chat services. We provide 256 bit SSL secure servers, certified by Comodo, which are required for processing sensitive applications, such as online credit card payments.

24/7 access to realtime stats (CDRs) FTP access is available, which can be integrated with customer applications via HTTP posts or XML. SMS notification services can also be commissioned on demand, via HTTP or XML feeds.

A key and major asset for InverOak customers, is the company’s core of engineers who are highly experienced and versatile in building custom IVR applications across many different mediums, from fixed line local or international, to mobile, SMS or Web. InverOak is regularly asked to build applications that converge with online portals which include some sort of payment method, either credit card, Premium rate voice, Premium SMS or other micro payment vehicles.

Systems & Technology

  • PSTN switches, using Pika and Aculab Prosody cards over E1 connections
  • VoIP gateway
  • Microsoft Enterprise databases
  • Adobe Flash Media server
  • Housed in TeleHouse, one of Europe’s most secure data centres

Network partners

  • Cable&Wireless
  • Energis
  • Kingston
  • Redstone
  • Verizon

Services provided

  • Real-time statistics
  • Website SMS integration via XML
  • 256-bit secure online credit card processing site with CRM & transaction statistics
  • XML driven data feeds

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