Banks and brokerage companies use teleconferencing to share status reports with large numbers of listeners, whilst many other businesses use it to help their staff communicate with each other without the need to meet ‘face to face’.

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Still travelling to meetings? Save time & money by utilising teleconferencing/video conferencing

If you are fed up wasting time travelling to and from meetings, teleconferencing also known as conference calling, is the answer for you. This allows people in different locations to communicate by phone without leaving their desks. It increases efficiency, is flexible and highly cost effective (usually cheaper than the cost of getting everyone to meet at one location), and is easy to set up and convenient to use.

The number of people joining a teleconference call is limitless – from just 3 to 100. Participants can exchange views and information via a teleconference call, by calling a designated number at a set time decided by you. Enhance your business by adding video conferencing so individuals can see each other, and you will never have to travel to a meeting again!

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