Voice Short Codes

Voice Short Codes are five digit codes that give customers a simple way to contact businesses‚ retailers‚ financial and utility services‚ and access competitions and voting systems directly from their mobile phone via SMS‚ MMS and more recently‚ voice.

How can InverOak’s short codes help my business?

Voice short codes with InverOak can provide your business with a simple and effortless method of customer interaction and increased brand value. Businesses can benefit significantly by incorporating a voice short code into their marketing strategy:

  1. More memorable5 digit codes are far easier to remember than the traditional 11!
  2. Clearer pricingCosts are transparent for the customer, e.g. irritating phrases such as ‘calls from a mobile may vary’ are eradicated, leaving your customer satisfied.
  3. ConvenientVoice short codes are more convenient as they can be used anywhere, anytime.
  4. Generate revenueUse voice shortcodes as an additional method of producing revenue.
  5. Capture customer dataCapture customer data for future mobile marketing campaigns.
  6. Choose your own rateFrom £0.00 to £2.00 to meet both the needs of your company and your customers.
  7. Improve advertisingDue to size, voice short codes are easy to promote anywhere e.g. radio, TV, print, on-pack etc.
  8. SimpleThe simplicity of mobile optimised websites you will have your customer’s complete attention on a much smaller area, so you should focus your message and convey a clean and succinct call to action.
  9. Choice for millions of customersSMS text messaging is the preferred and easiest choice for many consumers.

These are just some of the endless opportunities that voice short codes can provide for your company. We can design voice short codes to specifically facilitate your needs.

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