What is IVR?

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is an evolving form of modern technology that can automate communications with telephone callers, gathers information and routes calls. IVR systems are continually used by businesses of all sizes as an effective solution that can significantly increase the efficiency of your workforce, while dramatically decreasing the cost of sales, services, collections and a variety of other enterprise needs.

IVR = Simplified

IVR solutions can provide companies with dramatic savings in both time and money. By switching to InverOak’s service you will be able to improve customer satisfaction as customers are able to find the solution to their queries quickly and clearly without having to be put on hold. In an increasingly digital age, more companies opt for InverOak’s solutions, not only as they dramatically save on employee time, but ultimately improve the customer experience by connecting them swiftly with the information or service they require.

Advantages of IVR

Although our IVR systems can be used for a variety of different purposes for many different companies and corporations all over the world, the benefits are universal:

  1. Improving customer experienceIVR systems significantly increase company efficiency as well as improving the customer experience by answering a large volume of calls automatically without delay. IVR services also provide a simple solution for callers to obtain recorded information and securely conduct transactions without the assistance of operators.
  2. Reduce overall operating costsAdoption of IVR services in any business setting can dramatically reduce overall operating costs by providing information to your customers without the unnecessary need of trained specialists, which will consequently lower your operating costs and reducing employee exposure to sensitive information and decreasing your PCI DSS risk.
  3. IVR systems can operate 24/7An IVR can operate 24/7 without human intervention, providing an array of information and services whenever your customers require it.
  4. Accurate analysisIVR systems also provide an accurate analysis of employee performance by logging call details into its own database for auditing, analysis, and reporting purposes, which can further improve your staff performance and easily track accountability.

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