25 July 2018

We are advising our valued customers of some market changes that are occurring within the Australian market telecoms market which relate to premium rate service and also premium SMS services.

We have received a notification from our Australian service provider to advise that they had received on Monday 23rd July a 30 day notice of termination of contract from Optus for both premium SMS and premium voice and their withdrawal of these services across their entire network. The termination is without cause, and as per the standard contract terms.

We understand that a similar notice has been given to some other service providers, but at this time it is not clear whether Optus has given the notice to all service providers and intends to exit the premium services space entirely, or has targeted specifically the psychic sector.

Over recent weeks we have been hearing reports regarding the Australian telecoms market, that the only two carriers (Telstra and Optus) were looking to withdraw premium rate services and that mobile carriers may be stopping premium SMS for psychic services also. We have not received an official termination notice from Telstra as of yet, however, it would seem clear that this is only a matter of time.

As the premium rate voice and text market place in Australia is only serviced by these two networks they carry a great deal of control and no other operators can offer alternatives. Local telecoms service providers and the entire value chain in Australia are considering their legal position in regards to challenging this action via the courts to protect both their livelihoods and to represent the many hundreds of thousands of end users that regularly and actively utilise the services supported over the billing method of premium rate.

At this time we need to make you aware of these changes as they will or may effect you. Optus are by far the minority carrier so the immediate impact will be negligible. However, if Telstra follows suit then this will affect everyone within the market place. Again these changes relate to Australia only on premium rate and premium SMS psychic services and not credit card. We are looking at creating new applications which provide end users with an alternative to these billing methods which are being withdrawn, it is clear the demand for these services is strong and will be fulfilled either through credit card options and/or other new service channels that we are considering.

These changes represent a great opportunity for those who either only have minority interest currently and those who are now looking to enter the market. Never before has there been an opportunity to acquire new customers off the back of this great levelling of the field through premium rate and SMS being withdrawn.

We will keep our customers updated with any further developments as they arise. Credit card services are not affected as these are completely separately controlled. If you haven’t already, now and over the coming months would be an ideal time to broaden your social media and pay-per-click (PPC) activity to the Australian market. There are many customers that will be looking for a psychic company with whom they can have a reading.