Why choose Inveroak?

InverOak have a proven track record in designing and managing innovative IVR services, from a simple telephone chat service to advanced global phone and text voting services for international brands.

We partner the best media platforms that combine scale, capability and expertise, and are a financially stable company, with hundreds of campaigns ‘under our belt’.

Our IVR hosting solution provides a simple and easy way to improve all aspects of your business, from enhanced customer satisfaction to increased sales, to help you achieve your goals more effectively and get the best results quickly.

You’re in safe hands with InverOak’s IVR services

Why? Because we own and manage all our own switches and IVR systems platforms which means, unlike many other providers, we have control and do not rely on a third party to service, maintain or repair our IVR equipment.

InverOak can provide a variety of IVR services that can help your company move forward. Whether you are looking for a simple more traditional IVR system or require a customised, more complex alternative, we can help your company save time and money with our efficient IVR solutions.

It’s like having your own mechanic constantly monitoring your car’s performance and taking action before faults cause a failure.

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